MFL Department now recruiting for Lille Christmas Market trip in December for Years 7, 8,9,11 and 12.
Please contact either Ms Chohan or Ms Harrison for more information.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

boy in the stripedOn the 19th of March 2015, a 150 Year 8 students went to Nottingham Theatre Royal to see a production of 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas', based on the WW2 book by John Boyne.
We have been studying the novel recently, picking out particular sections, really getting into the book and getting to know the characters involved in this story. The book is about a German boy called Bruno who moves to a house next to a concentration camp, and strikes up a peculiar friendship with a boy, Shmuel; but this boy is a Jew and is on the other side of the fence in the concentration camp. Because of Bruno's perspective, it really explores what life was like for innocent children in the war.

The play was very thought-provoking and deeply moving, with strong dramatic irony; the boys become friends and are oblivious to the horror of the world around them and what their fate will be. I think what was especially good about it was that the names of the chapters came up on a projector, and this helped the play relate to the book. The scenery was simple yet effective because the focus was on the story rather than fussy staging. In my opinion, the play stayed true to the book and didn't miss out any of the important parts. The tragic ending meant we left the theatre in a pensive and reflective mood, remembering the final words, "Of course all this happened a long time ago and nothing like that could ever happen again. Not in this day and age". I sincerely hope not.

Jacob Simpson 8E, English Subject Ambassador

Play the Fool

arts showcaseSpring Arts Showcase

Fundraising for Rushcliffe School

Suggested Donation: £3.00

Tickets available on the Wednesday 1st April 19.00 A-Hall

Live Music, Drama, Dance and Comedy!

Canoe England Slalom Team 2015

canoe salomEngland call up for 7 Rushcliffe School Talent ID Academy members with a further 4 selected as reserves and two other pupils selected for the full squad. Two ex-pupils are selected in the U23 squad as well.

The team has been selected to represent England and compete against teams from Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the Pan Celtic series of events that will be contested throughout the 2015 season at races in England, Scotland and Wales.

Within the junior section of the England team, Rushcliffe School now accounts for 20% of the team!

A big well done to

Ewan Vernon, Rachel Brown,
Olivia Hooper, Izzy Fry,
Ben Moss, Jacob Barrett,
Zach Pearson, Evie Watson,
Dougal McPetrie, Robert Fernie,
Liam Brown, Jade Hollick,
Jono Atkinson.

And good luck with the upcoming racing

Community Spirit at Christmas

carehome001Students from Years 7, 10 and 11 made visits to three local care homes, a retirement home and Lings Bar Hospital to provide some Christmas entertainment for some of our elderly neighbours in the community.

The students performed dance routines, sang Christmas songs and carols and recited poems much to the delight of their appreciative audiences. This is something that we hope to repeat on a regular basis as it is an excellent way to build positive links between the generations.

Year 9 Drama

drama004It's not every day that you hear pupils at Rushcliffe School say about their lessons: "you had to be strange." Yet that's just what Year 9 Drama pupils have been saying about their recent drama lessons which have focused on the work of theatre practitioner Antonin Artaud. The Key Stage 3 Drama curriculum has been designed to explore and challenge students' creativity; studying the work of the Frenchman has been a perfect example of this.

Paige Curzon, of 9D, explains: "Artaud made you think about how different types of theatre can change the feelings of the audience." Evie Fletcher, a Level 8 Year 9 student, added that Artaud's theatre "helps show different emotions that you don't normally show in other drama styles such as realism." Through different exercises and activities, year 9 students have been combining theory and practical work to create a piece of drama that deliberately made the audience feel uncomfortable.

Real Homework


REAL Homework Projects (Rushcliffe Extended and Advanced Learning) aim to make homework a fun, manageable and enriching part of the curriculum, where pupils spend extended periods creating, learning and enjoying the tasks. 

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