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Virtual Sports Day 2020

Virtual Sports Day Medallists 

Well done to everyone that took part in our Virtual Sports Day! Congratulations to all our medallists:




Challenge #1

Monica Stephen

Stanley Ellis

Emily Taylor

Challenge #2

Anika Sarkar

Matt Cameron

Amelia Short

Challenge #3

Millie Grace Wallis

Reuben Kang


Challenge #4

Jacob Hughes

Eleanor Owen


Challenge #5


Kirsten Lees

Sam Buller

Challenge #6

Adam Bayley

Matilda Grant

Jacob Hughes

Kirsten Lees

Frank Grant

Amelie Grant

Challenge #7

Harriet Keen

Monica Stephen

Eva Russell

Challenge #8

Rhys Johnson

Alec Handley


Challenge #9

Emma Demandt

Ayaan Zaib

Alfie Hudson

Challenge #10

Jess Brown

Rion Shatmani

Eleanor Owen


What is Virtual Sports Day 2020?

Virtual Sports Day has been created to give our talented students (staff and parents too) the opportunity to participate in competitive physical activity in the absence of our annual Sports Day. We are encouraging as many of you as possible to have a go at our 10 challenges and to submit your entries for the chance to win prizes. These will be awarded to the best performances but will also be given for creativity and participation, we have certificates, medals and vouchers up for grabs!
The event will be open for submission from Monday 29th June to Sunday 5th July. Results will be announced the following week.
Our multi-skilled PE department have demonstrated and explained each of the 10 challenges below. You can take part in just 1 or all 10 if you wish. You can practice and perform a challenge as many times as you want but only submit one entry per activity (your best result).
Please help spread the word and support the Rushcliffe community.
Good luck!

How do I submit an entry?

To submit an entry, your evidence needs to be dropped into the appropriate challenge folder under the ‘Virtual Sports Day’ tab on Moodle. Your entry can be in the form of either a picture or video. The tab is located at the top of the PE page. Please name the file with your full name and form group e.g. ‘Jessica Ennis 8A’. Parents need to submit in the same manner naming the file ‘parent of Jessica Ennis 8A’ using your child’s log in. For more detail on how to submit, watch this tutorial - https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/c067d2c4-c06e-456b-93ac-9b85cca2654d

What are the challenges?

Challenge #1 Tennis Ball Plank – Hold the plank position for up to 1 minute (if you can) and count how many times you pass the ball between both hands. If the plank position drops or the ball rolls away from you stop counting and submit your score. Good luck.


Challenge #2 Stork balance – Stand with your hands on your hips and place the sole of one foot against the knee of the other leg. Lift the heel of the foot on the floor and start your stopwatch. As soon as your heel touches the floor or your foot moves off your knee the timer stops. See how long you can hold your balance for. Good luck.


Challenge #3 Wall throw – Whilst blind-folded see how many consecutive throws and catches you can make against a wall. Good luck.


Challenge #4 Keep it up – How many times can you hit the tennis ball with the edge of your bat or racket? You must hold the bat or racket in one hand and hit the tennis ball as many times as you can but you can only use the edge of the racket or bat. The highest number of consecutive hits is the winner! Good Luck.


Challenge #5 Standing long jump – Jump from a standing position (no run up) as far as you can. Start with your feet hip width apart, swing your arms and jump, ensure you take off with both feet and land on both feet. Measure the distance you jumped. Good luck.


Challenge #6 Run/ walk/ jog the furthest – How far can you travel in 5 minutes? Use a fitness tracker to record your result. The challenge must be completed by foot (no wheels). Good luck.


Challenge #7 Pick-up challenge - Pick up a cardboard box from the floor without your hands, only your feet may make contact with the floor when completing. The closer the distance from the floor the better, this can be measured by measuring the height of the box you attempt to pick up. Good luck.


Challenge #8 Sock-ball target challenge – Throw the sock-ball into the container from a seated position with your legs out straight. If you succeed bend your knees and push yourself back and try again. How many times can you successfully move backwards and get the socks in? Good luck.


Challenge #9 Skipping – How many revolutions can you make in 30 seconds? A revolution is counted each time the skipping rope passes beneath your feet. Good luck.


Challenge #10 Inspirational – Your challenge is to create an inspirational exercise video. This may be by attempting a challenge you have seen on TikTok or by trying the challenge in the video. The more creative the better! We’re excited to see what you come up with… Good luck.


Good Luck!