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Pupil Support Unit

The Pupil Support Unit (PSU) is a hugely valued facility that ensures all students at Rushcliffe School are able to access support beyond the classroom. The aims of the PSU are:

  • To support our school ethos of ‘giving everyone the chance to shine brightly’.
  • To support students in their drive for achievement and excellence.
  • To promote the schools core values and The Rushcliffe Way.
  • To minimise the use of exclusions using supportive strategies to prevent disruption and reduce student disaffection.
  • To operate in partnership with: Senior Leadership, Heads of Year, SENCO, Learning Support, School Nurse, Police, Attendance Officer, Pupil Well-Being Co-ordinator/Safeguarding Officer, in order to ensure the safety of all students.
  • To encourage students to see the unit, as a safe, caring, supportive environment. To provide advice and information about accessing help to students with personal problems (bullying, health, drug/alcohol issues, family/relationship problems etc.).
  • To encourage the involvement of parents / carers in the support of students to bring about changes in behaviour, attitude and well-being.
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for themselves, whether as a result of being removed from a class or as a strategy for anger management/ confrontation avoidance.

The PSU consists of 6 members:

Dawn Downs New 426x640 233x350 133x200 Sarah Coleman 2 427x640 234x350 134x200
 Dawn Downs
PSU Leader. Years 10 and 11
pupil support.   

Sarah Coleman
Years 8 and 9 pupil support & PSU administration.

Emma Black 133x200

Kate Ross 233x350 133x200
 Emma Black 
Year 7 pupil support and  PSU

   Kate Ross
Adminstrative support and
oversees the punctuality system.

                   Nicole Newbold 133x200                           
Attendance co-ordinator
Nicole Newbold