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Rushcliffe SEND Policy and the 2014 Code of Practice

The SEND Policy outlines our aims, objectives and methods for supporting students with additional needs. SEND students are categorised in the following way:

S – Students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs. This is now known as an Educational Health and Care Plan.

K – Previously known as School Action Plus. Pupils in this category are closely monitored and supported at Rushcliffe but also require additional support from outside agencies. This could be specific learning needs teams such as Educational Psychologist or the Autism Team, or other services such as Targeted Support or CAMHS.

M – Students on the Monitoring list were previously categorised as School Action. These students are monitored in school but do not require any additional support that cannot be offered at Rushcliffe

When supporting SEND students, we follow a Graduated Response:

Assess – establish the extent of the need. Evidence will be gathered through teacher/parent/pupil voice as well as data and observation. This may involve outside agencies or further assessments for the pupil.

Plan – formulate a method to support the learning need of the pupil. This will involve pupil/parent/teacher voice. We aim to distribute our resources fairly and efficiently to support all needs.

Do – Carry out the planned method and work towards an agreed review date.

Review – assess the effectiveness of that method and amend or extend if necessary


If you would like to contact Rebecca Myers to discuss any issues relating to Special Educational Needs, you can either contact the school office on 01159744050 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the attention of Rebecca Myers