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Senior Leadership Team 2019-20

Mr Painton, Principal

Ms Sismey, Vice Principal (Standards)

Mr Ward, Vice Principal (Pastoral)

Ms Carter-Cooke, Assistant Principal (Staff Development)

Mr Crawley, Assistant Principal (Inclusion)

Ms Desai, Assistant Principal (Futures)

Ms Frost, Assistant Principal (Post 16 and Safeguarding)

Mr Peel, Assistant Principal (Achievement)


Heads of Year 2019-20

Mr Morris, Head of Year 7

Mr Vickers, Head of Year 8

Miss Richardson, Head of Year 9

Mr Morin, Head of Year 10

Mr Howse, Head of Year 11

Mr Roberts, Head of Year 1

Mr Lakin, Head of Year 13


Heads of Faculty 2019-20

Mr Pitts, Head of Arts

Mr Salmeron, Head of Computing

Ms Allen, Head of English

Ms Purnell, Head of Humanities

Mr Dunning, Head of Innovations

Ms Vicente, Head of Languages

Ms Berry, Head of Maths

Mr Malloney, Head of Science

Ms Miles, SENDCo

Ms Cresdee, Head of PE