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Year 12 Work Experience

Year 12 Careers and Work Experience Evening - 25 September 2019

Please click here to access the presentation from the Year 12 Careers and Work Experience evening on Wednesday 25 September 2019


Year 12 Work Experience Placements

I spent my week at an architecture firm in Nottingham. For the first half of the week I was working with the interior architects, it was really interesting as I didn’t really know this was a job. They taught me how to use new software which was helpful as it is the same one you use at university. For the rest of the week I was working with the residential architects.  It was really fascinating how they designed new towns. The atmosphere in the office was really friendly and welcoming. Overall the experience was really helpful as it confirmed that I want to do architecture and they gave me a portfolio of the work I did that I can use in interviews.

Harry Gardner

Gardner Harry 190x280

 Khalid Safa 196x280

I spent a whole week at a hospital in the oncology department where I shadowed the team there closely. Throughout the week I had the opportunity to observe the consultant making critical decisions on whether to carry on treatment; observe the removal of a tumour in a patient with oesophagus cancer; spend a day with the cancer clinical trials team and also in the radiotherapy centre. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it has made me determined to pursue a career in medicine.  

Safa Khalid 

My work experience week gave me an incredible insight into the world of medicine and busy hospitals. Specifically the medical physics department, who work behind the scenes and develop and maintain the machines for CT scans, ultrasound, MRI and ensure the safety of using ionizing radi

ation on patients to provide the very best service for them, whilst helping doctors and surgeons with diagnostics and accuracy of procedures. The week involved many tours and talks from all the areas around medical physics- From nuclear medicine to MRI etc. My contact within the hospital was very organised and passionate about wanting to build the work experience scheme within the hospital, so my week was jam packed full of things to do so I felt I had made the most of my week.

Dan Paterson 

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Sheik Zara 189x280 For my week of work experience, I went to Morrison’s Pharmacy. On my first day, I was quite shy and slightly reluctant to get involved, however afterwards I became more confident and volunteered to do tasks and enjoyed completing them.  Whilst I was there, I learnt how medications are organised, how to collect medications for prescriptions and how to prepare dosette’s. Most importantly I learnt how easy it is to make mistakes with medications, therefore it is imperative to double or even triple check medicines before prescribing them. I also learnt that pharmacies have a very fast-paced environment and can be quite tiring, nevertheless I definitely recommend finding work experience in a Pharmacy as it is very interesting!

Zara Sheikh 

My week at a website development company was very informative as I learned lots of useful things. I worked with website editing and programming software, receiving great training from experts with 25 years of experience.  Being able to experience many different aspects of the workplace benefited me immensely, from publishing to participating in business meetings I felt like I’d seen it all because each day was unique and different. Perhaps the most noticeable day was when I went to a conference at Kelham Hall. I had the responsibilities of setting up the AV and projectors in two workshops as well as being on standby to help if anything went wrong. Overall this work placement was both fun and useful as it taught me lots of important things. I'm really grateful for the opportunity.

Ross Mansfield

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Gallagher Shaila 201x280 I spent my work experience week at a court, working alongside barristers and judges. Every day I was in the court room with a real; trial, judge and jury. I did not know what to expect when I first arrived so, when I started seeing it first-hand, it was a very good surprise. I learnt many new things that I did not know before, such as important laws in England and also more specific things to do with barristers. I was not sure if law was the profession that I wanted to go into, however after the insight I gained within the week, I was sure that it was something that I may want to consider in the future. I was very thankful that I had the chance to gain experience as it benefited me greatly and without it, I would not have the understanding of the profession that I have now.

Shaila Gallagher

I spent the week at Queen’s Medical Centre hospital working in the paediatric ward for children with long term illnesses. I shadowed a variety of professionals from the consultants to the junior doctor’s which gave me valuable insight into the everyday life of working as a doctor. I developed a range of skills during my placement including the importance of patient confidentiality as well as the application of good organisation and communication skills. I feel really motivated now to look to take up a career in a caring environment, but more specifically with young people.  

Aamir Ghaffar  

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