Cashless Information Sheet


No cash is accepted at the food counters (except for new pupils during the first week of the September term, while their account goes "live")

Why Cashless Catering?

  • Faster moving queues, faster till service.
  • Reduced loss and theft of cash.
  • Free School Meals pupils remain anonymous.
  • Encourages and monitors Healthy Eating choices.
  • Food allergy ingredients can be barred automatically.
  • Discourages inappropriate spending of dinner money.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination from coins and notes.
  • Pupils learn important life skills when managing their account.
  • Convenience – no more hunting for loose change every morning.
  • Better management information helps to better tailor the menus offered.
  • Efficient delivery of the meals service helps to keep costs and prices down.

How does the system Work?

  • Customers are "Registered" onto the system by scanning a finger. This creates a digital code (not a picture of the fingerprint) that recognises the user in the future. Customers have an account on the cashless system.
  • Credit is added to the account by either sending Cheques to the ABM Catering Ltd or by putting cash into Revaluer Machines.
  • Customers pay for their choices by placing their finger on the scanner by the till. The terminal displays a picture of the customer to the cashier so that their identity may be checked to prevent fraudulent misuse of the account. The selected choices are entered into the till, and the amount spent and the remaining cash balance is displayed.
  • Pupils who are opted out of Biometric Data under the Protection of Freedoms Act can be identified at the tills by giving their name to the till operator.

How do I add Credit to the account?

On LineThis is the preferred method.

  • Visit for details and a guide to online payments via debit or credit card. This method avoids the need for cash.
  • Please allow one full working day before the credit appears in the child's account.

By Cheque. You may pay in advance as often as you wish; for example termly, half termly or each fortnight, or a fixed amount at an interval of your choice.

  • The cheque should be made payable to ABM Catering Ltd
  • Place the cheque in a sealed envelope and write the pupil's name and form and "School Meals" on the outside of the envelope.
  • Parents can pay for several pupils (e.g. brothers and sisters) by writing all the names on the envelope and writing how much should be credited to each account.
  • A secure cheque deposit box is located in B Block Entrance to receive cheques.
  • Payments received before 10 a.m. will be credited that morning and will be available to spend from Morning Break time onwards.

By Cash – cash can be put in the Revaluer machines before registration, at morning break, and at dinner time.

  • A Notes and Coin Revaluer is located in the main B Block Entrance area.
  • A Coin Only Revaluer is located in A Block in the Staff Room corridor.
  • Both Revaluers are protected by CCTV.
  • Pupils who are opted out of biometric data systems are unable to use the revaluers to add credit or check their account balance.

How does the Revaluation Station work?

  • Place the registered finger on the reader on front of the Revaluer. The customer name and cash balance is displayed.
  • Insert notes or coins into the Revaluer. Each incremental cash balance is displayed.
  • Press the Red Button to tell the system that you have finished.

How do I know how much credit is left on my account?

  • Register your finger at either Revaluer. The display shows the remaining credit. Top up the account if needed.
  • The till display shows the new cash balance when a purchase is completed.
  • Pupils who are opted out of biometric data systems can check their balance at the tills by giving their name to the till operator.

 How much can I spend at any time?

Pupils have a daily spend limit of £4.50. This can be increased or decreased by parents writing to the School Kitchen.

How do Free School Meals work?

  • Entitlement is determined by the LEA Area Education Office (01623 433009). Apply here.
  • At dinner time the value of the free meal is automatically credited to the account. The Free Meal value can be spent only at the till points, and only during the dinner break. The Free Meal value cannot be spent at vending machines.
  • Any unspent Free Meal credit is not transferred to the following day.
  • Free Meal pupils may add extra value to their account (see How do I add Credit to the account?). This credit may be spent to buy food extra to the Free Meal entitlement.
  • Going on a school trip that will miss lunch time? Please ask the trip organizer to pre-book a packed lunch to be collected from the kitchen before the trip sets off.

What if the cash balance is not enough to pay for a school dinner?

 We do not want pupils to go without proper nutrition. An overdraft of no more than £1.50 may be allowed for one day only. The pupil must bring funds the next day to re-credit the system.

What if a customer suffers from a food allergy, or is diabetic?

Please write to the School Kitchen giving the customer name and details of any ingredients or food types that cause you problems.
The computer will be programmed not to sell products containing those items to that customer.

Where can I buy food?




Eatz Cafe

Breakfast                     8.00 to 8.30

Morning Break             11.05 to 11.30

Lunch                          12.30 to 13.05

Breakfast range including cereals and toast

Hot snacks & Sandwiches

Full healthy lunch range

A Hall

Lunch                          12.30 to 13.05

Light snacks, fruit, sandwiches etc

6th Form Centre Servery (6th form only)

Opening September 2015